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     The owners have spent a lifetime in the fiberglass industry. They started their careers in the boat manufacturing business over 25 years ago.
Recognizing a need for there expertise in the automotive industry they converted their skills to bring a higher quality to the fiberglass Corvette aftermarket industry. After much analyzing they choose to strike a deal with Greenwood Automotive productions to reproduce the legendary Greenwood Ground Effects products. Mold Kraft Manufacturing has been trusted for the past 15 years to use their 40 plus years combined experience to produce The Greenwood line.


     Quality in the fiberglass industry is a word that is used more as a sales tool than a description of the work & effort put into each and every part. At Mold Kraft we think very carefully about the use of the word & assure our customers that our "QUALITY" is unsurpassed. Our reputation as the NUMBER 1 QUALITY MANUFACTURER in the industry has been built on unequaled "fit & finish". The importance of this cannot be over emphasized. If the parts don't fit, they don't look good, period. Our SIX POINT QUALITY CONTROL CHECK SYSTEM makes us so confident in our product that we offer a 30 day money back "SATISFACTION" GUARANTEE! Ask our competitors about their guarantee & you decide. That's right, as long as you return the part or parts within 30 days from the date of purchase for what ever reason in the same condition as you received it, we will gladly refund your money, less shipping/handling. Parts that have been altered in any way may not be returned.

     To continue to bring the market the same quality that we have proven the past 15 years and for years to come, and drawing from those years of experience we are committed to provide innovation, design and world class products for the Corvette aftermarket.

1392 Brigham Loop
Geneva, Fl 32732
Phone : 407-269-2495
E-Mail Us at moldkraftmfg@aol.com

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