By Mold Kraft Manufacturing
Absolutely the most complete package to add to your 1991-1996 Corvette. The most dramatic change you can make to your corvette. C-4R Package & C-4R Accessories.

This race inspired C-4R package comes with all hardware, instructions and our info line to ease your installation. As a kit or individually priced you will enjoy this addition.

All kits include hardware and complete instructions.
Individually priced or complete kit

Call now for pricing!

3 Piece front spoiler with lights
4 Piece doors & rockers
4 Piece rear with tunnel
C-4R race wing
Buy whole package & save!


1984-96 C-4R OPTIONS


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Geneva, Fl 32732  
Phone : 407-269-2495
E-Mail Us at moldkraftmfg@aol.com

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